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Helping Children with Autism Succeed

Our Belief

We believe every child has the ability to succeed and thrive in this world.






Our Goal

Our goal is to work one on one with our clients and their families through the integration of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy. These techniques help provide the skills, knowledge, and understanding that are necessary to help each child succeed.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help children with an autism diagnosis grow, learn, and develop skills to successfully interact socially.





Services We Offer

Minnesota Behavioral Specialists strive to help every child we work with reach their highest potential. We do this by supporting families in reaching the goals they have set for their child. Research supports the effectiveness of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy to help children with autism fill in the gaps in development.  Through a combination of individual skills training and family support, Minnesota Behavioral Specialists utilizes a wide range strategies through the use of ABA therapy.  Minnesota Behavioral Specialists is not just about the individual behavioral therapy, but also about providing support to help families grow and succeed.

At Minnesota Behavioral Specialists, we strive to help every child we work with reach their highest potential.  Through the use of ABA therapy, we can help children with autism develop new social skills, communication skills, self-care skills and self-management skills.  We work with children and their families to help teach the skills necessary to reach the goals that they have set for their child. Each program is individualized to meet the child's needs as we recognize that no two children with autism are the same.   


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Our Mission Statement:

We strive to be the go-to support system that families need and deserve following an autism diagnosis for their child. We work individually with children and their families to provide the best outcome possible for each child. We work to help children with autism successfully integrate into their communities, decrease the level of support needed as they grow, and help each family achieve their individual goals and visions for their child.

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