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  • Experience

The senior management of Minnesota Behavioral Specialists have over 50 years of combined clinical experience in the area of Applied Behavior Analysis. Our team of staff come with experience with both center-based and home-based Applied Behavior Analysis. Our passion has always been focused on helping children and families reach their highest potential. Each child’s success is our biggest goal.

  • Why we Started this Company

After working with a variety of children across a variety of environments and settings, we have focused on using the hands-on knowledge we have gained through our experiences with Applied Behavior Analysis to create a custom-built curriculum to meet each child’s needs. We felt that there was a need for more hands on involvement not only from behavior therapists but also from senior management. We believe that a whole team approach is most beneficial to children and this shows through the services we provide.

  • Our Goals for Each Child

Our customized Applied Behavior Analysis program limits rote responding and encourages unique responses to each situation. The goal is to help you child be as successful as possible with little or no support.  As they age out of our program, our goal is to ensure that they can carryover the skills learned during therapy into their teenage years and beyond. Our aim is to have children learn the skills necessary to be successful in all areas of their life.

  • Our Goals for the Families

Our clinical team is trained to teach a modified version of Applied Behavior Analysis that families can use in the real world. Additionally, families are taught how to handle new situations that may arise outside of our training environment.  These skills taught through our modified Applied Behavioral Analysis will continue to support the families post therapy with Minnesota Behavioral Specialists.  We want both the child and the family to be successful and to feel confident in the decisions they make when it comes to altering challenging behaviors and teaching new skills.