Autism Assessments

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In order to provide effective and individualized treatment to each child we serve, an autism assessment must be completed prior to starting services. During the initial autism assessment, the Licensed Mental Health Professional will complete a Comprehensive Multi-Disciplinary Evaluation (CMDE) to diagnose/confirm a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder while the clinical team assesses the child’s current skills. In order to continue to receive services at Minnesota Behavioral Specialists, this autism assessment must be completed annually.  The annual autism assessment helps to determine progress in therapy and continued areas of deficit.

During the autism assessment, the clinical team will meet with the family in the office setting. During this time, the team will work to complete the assessment through an interview with the family, through observation and/or interview with the child, and by gathering baseline information of developmental skill sets from the child. A second observation may be completed as part of the autism assessment in the child’s home or school to see a typical day as well as observation of challenging behaviors and routine based activities that occur across those settings. This assessment is chance for the family to provide any information that they see necessary to help make a diagnosis of autism and to help shape goals for future treatment plans.  The clinical team will also reach out to other services providers, such as school, rehab and medical provider to help coordinate care.  The results of the assessment along with the recommendations will be reviewed with the parent/guardian prior to starting services. 

The Clinical team will use their observations and autism assessments to develop an Individual Treatment Plan (ITP) that is appropriate and individualized for the needs of your child and family. The clinical team will also work to continue to coordinate care with all outside providers through the entire life of treatment with Minnesota Behavioral Specialists to help ensure that there is consistency across environments.